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Citizen 2014…Coming Soon

CITIZEN 2012 and 2013 looked, in depth, at how citizen service provision by local, regional and national government is being forced to face up to fundamental change.

Now we’re preparing for CITIZEN 2014 – date and venue to be confirmed shortly.  If you’re involved in the public sector and help drive the digital agenda please pre-register now.  The event is free to attend.  

Communications and social interaction have changed, fundamentally, in the last few years.  People have now much higher expectations in terms of communications – and require much more rapid answers and service provision. Increasingly business is being conducted in ‘real-time’.  Lag simply results in frustration. The public sector – more than ever – has to be seen to be accountable, and to be agile and responsive. The alternative is disaffection – and poor citizen perceptions of core public services.”

The CITIZEN 2014 Conference will draw upon the latest thinking in citizen focused service provision and will look at the types of technologies that are emerging that make public bodies better at responding to citizen needs. We’ll look at how traditional interactions need to be embraced, but also web and social media based interactions. The conference will draw upon the experience of civil servants, policy makers, technologists, bloggers and market watchers.

CITIZEN 2014 will be held in June 2014 (Date and venue TBC). REGISTER