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An Event Focused on Citizen and Government Engagement

Citizen 2013 was held on June 13, 2013 (like Citizen 2012) focused on the latest developments in Citizen to Government Engagement and Citizen Relationship Management.

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Our interview with Martha Lane Fox, recorded specially for the 2013 event, is available here.

Featuring speakers from local, regional and national government – as well as social care, housing and education – Citizen 2013 was the second Citizen focused Digital Government conference organised by Quadriga Consulting. The event was kindly sponsored by KANA.

Nearly 2/3 of attendees who provided feedback thought Citizen 2013 was excellent.  100% of attendees who provided feedback thought it was either excellent or good.  

What people said about Citizen 2013 (these are genuine attendee quotes from the feedback questionnaire):

  • Good to have a well-researched, well executed networking event with good discipline and interesting balance. There is a need for a small number of good events of this sort (but heaven preserve us from a large number of mediocre ones).
  • James Cleverly, entertaining and informative. John Jackson, likewise. Jamie Bartlett very knowledgeable.
  • Elizabeth Linder, really good content.
  • I particularly liked the Data panel with Hadley Beeman and Emer Coleman, and the social care one with Shirley Ayres and Jayne Hilditch. Both provided useful insight and examples on how to deal with the data release process and digital engagement in difficult contexts, which will be very useful for my work.
  • All the main talks were good but John Jackson, James Cleverly and Jamie Bartlett all stood out for me.
  • Max Claps [session] was an interesting analysis. Elizabeth Linder was an impressive speaker!
  • It was absolutely spot on, well organised, with the right people in the audience (which prompted great questions and passionate discussions). Rare for a conference of this kind, the venue and the catering were also perfect.
  • An excellent event in its breadth of the key issues affecting the Digital Citizen. Lively and informed debate. This is a must attend/view event each year.

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